FBA Activities

The FBA is a voluntary organisation. New members and volunteers are always welcome.

The Committee meets monthly, and all members of the FBA are most welcome to attend. See the About Us page for more details.

Voluntary activities are many and varied and may be loosely grouped into the 4 categories listed in the table below.

If you are interested in any of these activities and/or joining the FBA, just Contact Us or refer to the Membership page.


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On the Reserves


  • Planting, watering and mulching of plants during the planting season
  • Weeding
  • Collection of seed and cuttings
  • Erosion control and prevention
  • Fire Prevention
Regular working bees are held throughout the year.

In addition to the work carried out by members and volunteers, special working bees may also involve local community groups and schools.

Visit our photo gallery to see all of our hard working volunteers in action on the reserves.
At the Nursery


  • Propagation of seeds and cuttings collected from the reserves

  • Weeding and repotting of plants

  • Nursery hygiene - pot scrubbing etc.

Every alternate Tuesday, from 9:30am -11:30am, an industrious band of helpers gather at the Frankston Council Nursery to help with the care and propagation of plants.

New helpers most welcome!

Clean Up Days


  • Clean Up Australia Day, Ist Sunday in March

  • Other days by arrangement

Rubbish clean up days are usually held on Sunday mornings.

Rubbish is removed from the beach and adjoining reserves.



The FBA produces a number of Newsletters each year so as to keep members and local residents informed. Some 4,000 newsletters are printed and hand delivered by volunteers each year. Copies of current and previous newsletters can also be found on the Home Page.