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The vast majority of photos and images are original, and are acknowledged wherever possible. A handful of images have been obtained from Internet sites and are to the best of our knowledge, freely available for non-commercial and personal use. We would equally stress that we have no means to genuinely verify and confirm that the images included in our web site have a copyright release by the original image creator (artist & copyright holder). If you discover an image file for which you are the copyright holder and you wish to have the file deleted and removed from our server, please email the details to us. Please include the name of the image as it appears in the caption on the page. The file will be promptly removed.


Should you choose to email us or join the FBA, we may record your contact details only so that we are able keep track of you as a member or interested party in order to keep you informed. Your name, address, email or any other contact details will not be publicly displayed or divulged to any other person or organisation outside of the FBA.

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