Coastal Dune Scrub


The plants of the Coastal Dune Scrub that develop behind the primary dune are also well adapted to the extremely harsh environment. In this area, a varied pattern of vegetation develops amongst the Drooping she-oak (Allocasuarina verticillata) and spreading Boobialla (Myoporum insulare). This can be seen near Sofias restaurant at the pier forecourt. Different varieties of daisy bush are usually scattered throughout. Sticky daisy bush (Olearia glutinosa), Coast everlasting (Ozothamnus turbinatus), Coast daisy bush (Olearia axillaris), and small ground covers abound such as Karkalla (Carpobrotus rossi), Austral stork's bill (Pelargonium australe), small flower Flax-lily (Dianella brevicaulis) and Knobby club rush (Ficinia nodosa). Sometimes climbers cover the plants e.g. Small leafed clematis (Clematis microphylla) and Climbing lignum (Muehlenbeckia adpressa).


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Drooping She-Oak


Sticky Daisy Bush

Coast Everlasting Daisy

Coast Daisy Bush


Austral Stork's Bill

Small Flower Flax-Lily

Knobby Club Rush

Small Leafed Clematis

Climbing Lignum